Bachelor's degree in an individual program concentrating in guitar-making 1976. Full time lawyer, part time woodworker. Turner since 1965. Currently working on projects for my grandson.

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Re: Sometimes hand tools cut the joint faster and easier

There, there, you mixed up your "they're" with a "their" in the parenthetical phrase in the caption in the second photo.

Substantively, I derive enjoyment from power tools often and often enough from hand tools. Mostly, I derive enjoyment from working in the shop and getting away from my day job. As long as you guys don't advocate using our teeth to gnaw away excess wood, this is all pretty interesting to me and I don't see the need for controversy.

Re: The Weirdest Handplane I've Ever Used

If this plane could talk, it would simply ask "why have I been alone in a box for a century?"

Re: Make a Splined-Miter Picture Frame Without Clamps

I really think a sled would make the process of cutting the spline slot a whole lot safer. Having driven wood into my thigh with kickback, you're just begging for a disaster with this setup. If you must use it, at least use a tall auxiliary fence that prevents tipping.

Re: Time for a Little Turning

Nice. Readers also might like to try to make tiny tools from cut nails. They're extremely hard and tough. They really take and hold an edge and they're quite simple to mount into miniature handles.

Re: What Really Happens on a Fine Woodworking Photo Shoot

So, did you make the mandolin, Rollie? Can't quite make out the headstock on the photo.

Re: UPDATE: Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening by Thomas Lie-Nielsen

After 50 years of trying to get things sharp, I've tried what I think are every possible trick, technique and gizmo. All to varying degrees of success, and often with much expense. Many of the gizmos are now in the landfill or passed along to other craftsmen. A guide like this could help me avoid more wasted time, effort and money.

Re: Spindle sander concave curve sanding jig.

I made one of these a few years back. I got a jam. Then the jam let loose and sent the workpiece through a window, shattering glass in every direction. I've been wary of pinching jigs on high friction sanding devices since then.

Re: If this guy can make guitars in a refugee camp...

Where and how can we contribute to this?

Re: Magnetic Assisted Geometry Furniture

Wow. But forget about keeping magnetic storage devices near these things unless you don't want to retain your data.

Re: Crisp Tenon Shoulders with Your Chisel

Photos 4 and 6 really don't do Phil's work justice.

Re: UPDATE: Turning Wood with Richard Raffan, 3rd edition

I'm approaching 50 years of turning wood, but I'd still love a copy. I'd pass it along to my grandson when he's just a little older to carry on the tradition.

Re: Add an Inlaid Signature to Your Work

This may be new for Ed, but we did this stuff in Cub Scouts back in the early 1960's. Of course, we didn't have anything like colored epoxy. We used a product called Water Putty and added tempera paint pigment to color it. Nor did we have routers or even chisels. We sort of scratched our names using our official Boy Scout pocket knives. Pretty rudimentary, but it's one of the things that set me on the road to woodworking 50 years ago. Have fun with this and share the experience with a kid.

Re: Cutting Bench Makes it easy to convert fresh-cut logs into turning blanks

Good for green bowls, but I don't follow how you're going to get useable spindles from green wood. Cut these things and they're going to warp, check and probably just plain split apart. Nice bench, however.

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