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Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

SawStop technology's original patent my be running out soon, but you are forgetting that Gass is a patent attorney. He has enough patents that will prevent other manufactures from using their own technology. What the cpsc should do is mandate the technology for job site saws, not cabinet or contractor saws. In spite of their name, contractor saws have become too heavy to be readily used as a job site saw. Most of us regularly watch "This Old House". On one of the recient episodes, a job site saw was in use with all the guards removed. Shame on you Tommy.

Re: SawStop inventor Steve Gass defends the latest tablesaw verdicts

Someday someone will be injured on a SawStop saw. How many of you had your computer fail. Do you really believe this circuitry will never fail. Mr Gass, the judgement against you will make the Osario verdict look like a joke, but considering the fact that a smart laywer will have set up his corporate structure to isolate himself such judgement. Guys, look at the miter saws and the radial arm saws that don't currently have SawStop technology. Myself, I am old enough that I expect my Unisaw will be the last tablesaw I buy. Those of you who are just starting out, you have my sympathy.

Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

Many years ago, a fellow worker designed a system that would rapidly stop an induction motor by applying a DC current to the field windings. The problem with doing this is the incoming line voltage had to be disconnected before the braking current was applied. How fast the motor stopped is something I no longer remember other than it did stop rapidly. I would back any flesh sensing system that wasn't being aggressively promoted by a individual who didn't stand to recieve a monetary gain.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I spent about 30 years in thr electronic service field. I wouldn't have had a job if electronic products were 100% reliable. Think of all the electronic products you have owned that have failed. A day will come when someone will suffer a severe cut or amputation on a SawStop product. I think the 1.5 million will be just a starting point in the lawsuit. Guys, work safely, put the guard back on your table saw, forget all the bad habits Norm taught. Use push sticks. Anything to keep your hands well clear of any cutter be it a saw blade, router bit, drill bit (you did secure that part before you started the drill?), or jointer.

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