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Craftsman End-Table

Craftsman/A&C style end-table built for my son's nursery. The table is going next to the Stickley Rocker and the crib which I have yet to finish. This table is 99% Quartered white Oak, the other 1...

Arts & Crafts - Waylon's Mission Cradle

This cradle is an original  design, though was inspired and adapted from a plan in Wood mag. I wanted to build a functional cradle, that also fit my home. I wanted it to follow Stickley's mission...

Arts & Crafts Stickley inspired Crib

This crib took all of 7 months to build, including the time it took to create the plan, and running out of wood 3 times. It is entirely 5/4 quartersawn whit oak, w finished with Watco dark walnut...

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Re: Arts & Crafts - Waylon's Mission Cradle

I never really made a plan for it, I used sketchup to rough out the spacing and number of slats, but never finished a complete plan. My original idea was inspired by the cradle plan from the October 1987 issue of WOOD magazine, but the only part I ended up using was the ball-bearing.

Re: Arts & Crafts Stickley inspired Crib

I can send you the sketchup file if you get me your email. The actual, finished crib was not to the exact dimensions as my plan, just because I made slight changes throughout. The single most important factor for me when I created the plan was the metal support frame. it was about 28" x 51.7" . the legs are 2.5" square x 42" tall, the interior span of the front and rear top and bottom rails is 52", the side interior span is 27", then the bottom of the top rails to the top of the bottom rails is 22", each slat has a 1" tenon at each end so start with 24" stock.

Re: Arts & Crafts Stickley inspired Crib

I was somewhat skeptical at first as well, but then i thought about my king-size bed that my wife and i sleep in nightly, and how sturdy it was, so i committed, and am glad that i did. you have to make sure that the length of the rails are identical, any variation in their length, or in the depth of the mortises may result in some play in the joint. The best way to set your bit depth perfectly is to put two of the female connectors on a flat surface, rest your router on top of them and then adjust the height of your router bit until the bit touches the flat surface. this way you have an exact depth without measuring, and its easily repeatable if you cant cut all the mortises without changing your setup. When I assembled my crib fully, for the first time, it was ROCK solid. The connectors have a taper on the male prongs, which helps force the female piece towards the male during assembly. A couple taps with a deadblow seated the joints, there was zero play, and no visible gaps whatsoever. disassembly just takes a few taps with a deadblw from the underside and there is no bed-bolt /nuts and washers to worry about losing every time.

Re: Arts & Crafts Stickley inspired Crib

Sorry Matthew, i used 4" connectors, not 3". You wont be able to find anything smaller than 4". most are 5" and 6". The only reason I used 4" connectors was because the majority of the 5/4 stock I used ended up less than 5" wide once straightened and dimensioned. My original plans called for 5.5" rails, and i even stil have the 8 pair of 5" connectors I planned on using until i ran into my stock width limitations.

Re: Arts & Crafts Stickley inspired Crib

As for the mattress frame support, sorry for the delay, but this was the most difficult item to obtain. Crib mattress supports are really the main thing that gets recalled, causes problems, or liability for crib manufacturers, therefore they want to know EXACTLY what happened, why you need one, and they will not sell you one unless you purchased a crib from them. Most online replacement parts order forms ask for serial numbers, dates of manufacture etc... none of which you have unless you bought a crib. I called one company, told them i needed a replacement because i lost mine... the guy wasn't too happy about it, acted like i put him out, told me it would be $50 +shipping, tok my info, my card # and that was that. I didn't realize until recently that they never actually charged me for it. I had no problem paying for it, and even gave him my card number, but they must have sent it as a warranty replacement of some kind (he asked me for the model number of the crib, i told him a model number from their website) I am building another crib and needed another support frame so i tried to remember what company i called the first time, i can't, then i searched my credit card transaction histories for the last 1.5 years, and thats when i realized he never ran the card.

Re: Arts & Crafts Stickley inspired Crib

I did Not use connector bolts, I used 3" fully mortised bed rail connectors. Here are some similar I used 4 pair for each front and rear panel. Remarkably, I got them all to line up flawlessly, the first time. I don't know how, but it just worked, i doubt i could do it so easily a second time.

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