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Re: STL 76: The Drunken Woodworker

Flock Talk Live!

Re: Sometimes hand tools cut the joint faster and easier

I'm a hand tool user because I get a lot more enjoyment out of using hand tools. Period. I'm not going to win any arguments with that logic, but I'm not going to get in any arguments about it either. You kids enjoy yourselves.

Re: STL 70: Lie-Nielsen Live

Asa, you nailed it at the end with your comment about computer / IT workers and the appeal of handtool woodworking. As a programmer myself, I am completely drawn to hand tool work, and really have very little interest in power tool woodworking. Everything I do all day long is virtual and automated. It's a huge change of pace to get ahold of some wood and use my own hands to move tools across it and make something fully by hand. A totally different part of the brain is activated and it's very therapeutic.

Re: STL 65: Wicked Workshop Tips

Ed, I'd love to hear more about the book binding stuff. I'm sure many other woodworkers would as well. Any links into the double fan machine you got, and other resources to learn more?

Re: UPDATE: Outdoor Wood Projects by Steve Cory

If I win, I will hide this book from my wife. Otherwise I won't have a spare moment this summer.

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

Been working through Doug's box making videos. Fantastic stuff. I'd love to check out the book.

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