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Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

Great idea to give away books.

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

Congrats. Looks like a great book. Boxes are tougher than they look.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

There's more to the Mcdonald's lawsuit than people know. I imagine there's more to the tablesaw lawsuit than we know. Lawyer's are a pain in the butt joint, but, it wouldn't suprise me that Ryobi turned down the safety device when it was offered to them. I'm a firm believer in requiring safety devices to be mandatory if they really work.( e.g. anti-lock brakes,air bags, riving knives, etc.) I have a Unisaw and try to be careful most of the time,but,it sure would be nice to know that if I screw up for just a millisecond, I might still have fingers. All of the major saw manufactures had a chance to use sawstop's safety mechanism and turned them down. I'm sitting on the fence on this one. I waited to buy my saw, hoping they would use the new technology. When I heard they rejected at that time I made my purchase. I might have waited if I would have known Sawstop was going to make a cabinet saw.

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