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Re: STL 59: No Such Thing as Too Many Tools

Hey, Roland, don't apologize to me, Ernesto is the one all of you need to give the info to. Hopefully he hasn't dumped that bandsaw for a 12" Shop Fox by now.

"Open mouth, insert foot, chew vigorously" is nothing new to me, I've done it hundreds(realistically maybe thousands) of time in my 60 years on this planet but you guys are in an exceptional position: you're talking to a large audience from a position of authority with the full weight and measure of the FWW name backing you up. It took me literally 45 seconds on my iPhone while driving to get the specs, obviously none of the rest of the team bothered to make the effort either.

Asa probably would've picked up on it, he has experience in a machine shop. You all read "metal bandsaw" and turned off any need to research further. I'm not hammering on you in particular but I've worked around a lot of metal-cutting floor saws and I can't remember one that didn't have at least two speeds(low and high), that's what drew my attention and sent me to Google.

So how about someone on the staff sends Ernesto a correction? And maybe put it in the next podcast so the rest of your listeners don't stay misinformed?

Reading the reviews in iTunes, it seems a lot of people rely on you guys for accurate info. Authority comes with responsibility. That's all I have to say.

(you can call me)Bill

Re: STL 59: No Such Thing as Too Many Tools

Wow, first question of the podcast and you totally blew it, told poor Ernesto to get rid of a Powermatic 87 and buy a bandsaw made for wood. Really?

30 seconds on Google would have gotten you the specs on the 87, it's a 20" model, 12" resaw capacity, with continuously variable cutting speed from 40-4,600 sfpm.. Most woodworkers would die to have in their shop if they had room and could move it.

So much for "expert" opinions.

Re: Birth of a Lee Valley tool

Interviews were great, would love to see videos but your video frames are truncated in both Firefox and Internet Explorer so I can't access the volume, pause/play buttons, and even the tabs or scroll bars on the right-hand list. Can't find a way to contact webmaster on your site, posted something about this in Knots forum a while back but no replies or improvements. Can't even get to Knots today, link at top of page takes me to error page.

I know this really doesn't belong in a blog comment but there doesn't seem to be a way to contact anyone about a website problem so any help would be appreciated. Email me with a contact addy and I'll send screenshots.

Thanks, love the podcast.

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