william brickey, Charlotte, NC, US

I started working wood with my father in his small shop. Not much fine furniture making but a lot of home improvement projects and some cabinetry work. While in college, I worked summers building custom homes. A great job and some very good experience.

Over the last 15 years or so, I have been adding to my collection of tools and improving my fine woodworking skills. Mostly self taught but I have taken some hand tool classes with a focus on joinery. Currently exploring the possibility of additional formal training like the 12 week intensive course offered by the Center for Fine Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine.

A couple years ago I graduated from a part time garage shop to a dedicated structure where I spend as much free time as I can scrape together. The shop is very roomy at a little over 1000 sq ft, excellent dust collection, a custom built bench and a comprehensive collection of hand and power tools. Projects have mostly been for my household - some my design and others following designs by others. I recently completed the spinner table that Garrett Hack showcased on one of the video series on the FWW website. A great challenging project.

Gender: Male

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Garrett Hack's Elegant Side Table

I made some minor tweek's to Garrett's plans and wood selection.  The legs are cherry. Aprons and top are maple. Drawer bottom is Douglas fir. Ebony "socks" give the legs a chocolate dipped...

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Re: My "learning table", cherry hall table

very nice looking table. well done. Like you I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Garrett Hacks's work. Taking a 2 week course with him this summer at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. Very much looking forward to that. Keep up the nice work!!

Re: Stereo Component Cabinet

very nice. I especially like the door panels. Great work indeed!!

Re: Fine Woodworking Live Event

I am travelling from JFK to SCSU for FWW Live event and am trying to use Go Airport Shuttle. They have service to SCSU but require that the riders hae a school ID. Seems like they should accept the registration for the FWW event. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Trying to avoid a rental car if possible

Re: Shop Talk Live 26: Workbench Glue-Up Conundrum

Just listened to the one year anniversary podcast while flying cross country after a college campus visit with my daughter. A great way to spend part of the trip. Enjoyed hearing about the second annual fine woodworking event in New Haven, CT. Hope to make it to this one. You guys do a great job mixing in some humor with serious subject matter. I missed some of the earlier podcasts so I can't really add much re: sound effects.

Keep up the good work.

Re: My work for the Regeneration Show. "Curvy Curly"

I would be interested to hear how the legs were shaped. I am working on a pair of end tables and will be using similar curved/splayed legs. Seems the tricky cut is near the top when you need to keep the cut straight and square so the rails/aprons fit up tight

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