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Re: The Story Behind the Government's Pending Tablesaw Ruling

I've used a tablesaw almost daily for over twenty five years and still have all my fingers. I know two people who are missing fingers and one was caused by a wood splitter, the other by an ice auger (ice fishing).Both of these men blame themselves for being careless, they don't blame the equipment. If the government is allowed to mandate sawstop technology, where will it stop? Routers might be next. Can you imagine manuvering a plunge router half again as bulky and heavy over an expensive piece of hardwood?What about tools designed to get into confined spaces? Let's mandate safety devices to defeat their entire purpose.What is wrong with personal responsibility? If you want a saw with sawstop, buy it. It should not be forced on those who don't want it.

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

I haven't read all of the comments so perhaps someone else has brought up this point. I have seen many drawers with dovetails and in some cases the dovetails(machine cut) are executed well but the rest of the drawer is junk, particleboard held together with staples and installed with cheap slides. I'm referring to certain lines of factory made cabinets. The point is, just because a drawer has dovetail joinery does not make it a piece of fine woodworking, and conversely, a well made drawer with first class materials can be an example of fine woodworking without dovetails.

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