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Re: Defense Outgunned in Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

I have a knife that I use to cut vegetables. I recently cut my finger, maybe I'll sue the manufacturer because he sold me a sharp knife.
My wife recently burned her finger while ironing my shirts, the manufacturer had no right making the iron so hot!
My grandson caught his finger in a car door. Maybe I'll sue Ford for not building the car so the doors cannot close.
My nephew was lifting weights at a gym and dropped one on his foot. The manufacturer should have made the weights out of Nerf or foam rubber!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

In this case, as in many others, the judge could have thrown out the verdict if he/she had any common sense since the jury had none. When are 'we the people' going to be held responsible for our own actions? Perhaps we should start bombarding our representatives to pass some legislation requiring us to protect ourselves from our own stupidity and not hold someone else responsible. I'm sure that this would not sit well with the bloodsucking, ambulance chasing scum in the legal profession (certainly not all, but too many) but it is worth a try.

Re: Sam Maloof: 1916-2009

The world is a better place for Sam's having been here; and is now a little poorer place without him.

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