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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

It was once said: "imitation is the highest degree of flattery." with that stated if a designer of a project feels concerned that a fellow woodworker will "copy" their design, then don't publish it! once published should a individual "copy" and sell a piece, they should give credit to where the design came from and let the buyer decide if he or she wantsl to seek out the original designer/manufacturer. we are all of different skill levels. if i copy a Monet do i expect to receive the same dollar value as the original? by the same token if i can produce a piece finer than the original should i not receive a premium? assuming the buyer sees a value in "my" skill? the "grey area" commences with mass production similar to patent and copy right infringment. what holds true is the best never have to worry about not having a "job"! and an income level comenserate with the best!

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