Novi Sad, CS

Author was born 9.may 1965. year in Vojvodina's part of Panonija.. in extinted country Yugoslavia.

With Intarsia like prehistory's craft decorative older occupie since 1978. like primary school pupil, like secondary school pupil "Karlovac's school” in Sremski Karlovci and like student of phfilosophy on Belgrade's university.

He collaborated and he collaborates with restauratiors of antique's and masters of furniture in Belgrade.

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Marquetry miniatures

I could not resist the amazing photography of Italian photographer Gabriele Rigon ..Photo radiates magical sensuality and eroticism quiet .. and inspire you through the medium of wood testimony again...


  Perhaps the most difficult techniques in marquetry work the characters of young people, women or children. For lack of surface rendering for facial wrinkles .. I was so much bigger...


marquetry picture made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss

girl with the umbrella..

marquetry picture made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss

fear..Phaedra and Hippolytus

MARQUETRY INTERPRETATIONS of old Masters’ drawingsPierre-Narcisse Guérin(Paris, 1774-Rome, 1833)Woman Holding a Child and Glimpsing the Shadow of Embracing Figures: Phaedra and Hippolytus

Cavalry Skirmish

MARQUETRY INTERPRETATIONS of old Masters’ drawings - Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) - Cavalry Skirmish

St. Jerome..

MARQUETRY INTERPRETATIONS of old Masters’ drawings - Gian Lorenzo BERNINI - St Jerome on his Knees before a Crucifix

two friends ..( memories of Tunisia 2)

marquetry motif   Bismilahir-rahmanir-rahim!In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most MercifulQuranSurah 103. The Afternoon (Al-Asr)In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful[103:1] By the...

mirage.. ( memories of Tunisia 1)

marquetry motif


marquetry motif

Girl from Senegal

marquetry motif


Ornament ( scheme retaked from original Netherland's ornaments of cupboard from XVIII century and decreased for a one third )


marquetry ornament

Recent comments

Re: Silas Kopf: Majoring in Marquetry

At an extraordinary and elegant way, the real modern marquetry motifs based on traditional techniques achievements!
Your work is another beautiful page in the history of marquetry techniques.

Re: After The Goldrush lingerie cabinet

charming .. indeed, charming!

Re: baby

Thanks chairmannz the beautiful words of my latest post!

Re: Cavalry Skirmish

Thank you for your nice words:)!
This particular work I was almost 30 days .. proved to be very demanding as a motive.
Used safely, and about 30 species of veneer.

Best regards,

Re: girl with the umbrella..

Thank you to the pleasant comments!

I'm glad that you are my works and my technique like ..

Re: she..

Thanks for the nice words:)!
I mainly used some type of walnut veneer and pine .. and the procedure does not use the pill rather than scalpel.
Photo which is a basis for the scheme you can see if a link, clicking on the scarabuss:)

Warm regards,

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