douglas smith, McMinnville, OR, US

I am a salesman during the day, I work for a manufacturers representitive of hydronic equipment ( boilers and pumps for heating). I work with wood in my spare time because I like to create. I prefer to do as much as possible by hand using as few power tools as possible

Gender: Male

Birthday: 10/11/1964

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Shaker stool

Shaker Stool made for my mom.

steam boat toy

here are some other recent projects.

saturday morning shooting

this is not a woodworking photo but is is a representation of where the wood comes from.

shadow box complete.

here is the finished shadow box. always cut on the waste side of the line.

handcut dovetails

this is the beginning of a shadow box for a friend. this is also my first attempt at hand cut dove tails. more pics to come when I get further with the project.

Recent comments

Re: saturday morning shooting

I'm sorry I did mean to offend anyone. little saplings will be planted within a couple of months. It is the law here that if the owner clear cuts it must be rehabbed and replanted within a year.

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