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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

The fact is, woodworking is a dangerous profession. Every time we turn on the power, we accept a certain amount of risk. Every tool purchase we make, we accept a certain amount of risk. Every time you ignore the safety mechanisms and safe practices, we increase that risk exponentially.

If Mr. Orsorio purchased a saw without the "flesh detection" technology, he accepted that amount of risk, either by fact or function. That saw didn't hurl its spinng blade at him, did it? That saw didn't refuse to release a dull blade for sharpening, did it? That saw didn't set the fence so that it would pinch the stock, did it? The manufacturer didn't fail to include the safety instructions, did it? If he purchased the saw used, and was never trained in the proper use, was it the saws fault?

I have been injured by my misuse of my jointer, and not once did I blame the tool, or the manufacturer. This guy is an idiot that he had the gaul to blame the tool or the manufacturer.

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