Third generation furniture designer and maker, teacher, ( I run my own courses) author( the occasional article)and thoroughly likeable chap.

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My students works

Hello everyone; I've been absent from these pages for a while as I've been shepherding my students here and I feel like a proud father. I'm showing off a selection of their work all designed and...

A tale of two chairs

This is a story of how one design leads to another, and then another. It started with a cylinder cut in half and with the addition of a seat and the back, I sprayed it black to make sure I liked it...

captain's chest

A captains sea chest given a face-lift. It was intended for an 18 year old's birthday so the seaworthiness was not required , so no heavy lock, metal straps far too gothic and heavy carved initials...

Eagle claw and ball table

Just prove to myself that I could do it, ( and really because my mortage payment and my family holiday depended on it) I accepted the commission to make this dining table and the buffet to go with...

jewellery case

Boxes within boxes all made of squares. I like the square, its a pure shape. In fact I reckon tv sets would be better square instead of rectangular. They would certainly look nicer when not turned...


Heres  Temple Table v2. I posted one up last week which raised some fur so I'll be interested to see what happens this time out. Its  the same theme as before but more developed and thought...

"TEMPLE" dining table

This was such a lovely piece of wood. Olive ash from a private school in Devon, England. The school was sold to a family who didn't want the tree and ordered its cutting I went there and bought the...


This Throne is brought to you by the letter "h". Its a little known fact that I am old alumni of The Sesame Street School of Design, and its courtesy of them that I designed this chair and bring it...

"South Beach" art deco styled hall table and mirror

I know the photos look awkward, its just they were taken with bad light and I had to adjust them in photoshop - I apologise for that. Anyway, Its a hall table definately in the Art Deco style with...

"Columna"- a pair of bedside cabinets

My client had had a visit from a Feng Shui counsellor called Mr. Kon. (yeah, I thought so too....) he said she musn't have anything with sharp corners in the house to stop the flow of "chi" energy...

hall table

A hall table veneered with macassar ebony and french polished. There is a central drawer made from ripple sycamore for the sides, base and back and Cameroon ebony ( jet black) for the front...

Vega - a low table lacquered scarlet

This design came out of talking to my design class about what a table really is; "describe it," I said, and they said "square with a leg in each corner", amongst others. What does the leg look like...


The bowl that nearly took my head off. This is the trouble you go to just to realise a design thats been bugging you for a long time. Trouble started when I mounted this chunk of triangles onto...


This display cabinet is made from solid maple solid ebony and bird's eye maple veneer for the doors and drawer front. There are glass shelves inside for a collection of venetian wine glasses, and...

Gossip chairs

Love Chairs - "RA" the ancient egyptian sun god is symbolised here purely because of the yellow leather back pads. I set out to make these chairs comfortable after having tried many that werent...

DECO II - an un-turned bowl

 Despite appearances this bowl never went anywhere near a lathe. It was made from wedge shaped pieces I had left over from another job which seemed a waste to throw away. So putting them...

4 place dining table and chairs and matching sideboard

Here's a lovely job I won. The man had been looking at thousands of sideboards until he decided he liked mine. He also needed a dining table and chairs to go with it, but didn't know what he wanted...

Kaligrafia - a hall table

Its a hall table that I'd been struggling to draw for a few weeks. I had the germ of an idea in my head but I couldn't get it nailed down on paper, but eventually it just fell out of me in 5 mins...

6 place dining suite

They say that you can make anything you design - you can't design outside your own making skills. Thats all very well but this really made me scratch my head a while trying to work out how on earth I...


This little fellow started out as a doodle and ended up as a table. Halfway through doodling I knew I was onto something good and so had to draw the other half. Thing was, how do I make itnbsp...

hall table

"We'd like something a little more modern," which considering that it came from an 82 year old gentelman was brave indeed. I'd made a hall mirror for Norman and his wife a couple of years earlier to...

Recent comments

Re: My students works

Hi DJ - Thanks for the comment and we're glad you liked it!The body was made with a series of wedge shaped pieces all spliced together and shaped with a spoke shave. The use of hand tool there was not to be cruel, as we could have used an Arbortech or an angle grinder, but to gain fine hand skills and appreciate the feel of the woodgrain under the tool. The arms too were carefully planed and spliced, spokeshaved and sanding to perfection. The finish is an acrylic varnish to keep the ask as white as possible.

Re: Chiffonier in Elm Burl veneer

Well Done, Mouppe, just beautiful! And based on my favorite designer too.

Re: Tool Box

I stand and applaud you David!

Re: Maple Burl Veneer box

Thats obviously a beautiful box, mouppe, but you haven't done it any favors with that photo!

Re: Quilted Sapele Dining Table

Oh its YOURS, Omar! - I thought so when I saw it in the gallery. Another fine foto to complement it as well. You have a fine and delicate design sense - when to add and when to leave well alone. Lovely work again!

Re: China Hutch

Well done - absolutely beautiful; not overdone, its just right. Congrats!

Re: Steampunk Laptop version 2

I love it! Its like something that a film studio would make for a Harry Potter magic box. More please!

Re: Cufflink box

Hi Andrew, another gorgeous box. I guess a guy can never have too many cufflinks, can he? I'm up to four pairs so far...

Re: Contemporary Walnut Chair

Hi Rich - nice chair good and lightweight I reckon. Just one thing - move that back leg back another 4" please! It looks as though its going to fall backwards with a precious cargo still in it!

Re: A box fit for a future King & Queen.

Cool - but what went in it?

Re: Restored Thonet rocker

Those Thonet chairs are absolute design icons; yours is the first I've seen apart from drawings in catalogues and although literally millions of examples were made, they were well made and still look good. You've got a bargain there for $15 + your time.

Re: Painful Box

Lovely piece - give it to her, and move on. You have the photos and the experience thats all you need from this project. The next one will be better still.

Re: Lacewood and Tiger Maple Entertainment Cabinet

Just beautiful, Omar, it made me smile at so early on a sunday morning - a rare feat! Love those handles on the base cabinets, they harmonise very nicely indeed and don't try to compete with the top tv cabinet. You exhibit sound judgement in knowing when to let one part "sing" and the the rest play supporting roles. Good photography too - always tricky to do in the clients home.

Re: China buffet in Quilted Cherry and Birdseye Maple

I totally agree with benchmarc - really lovely, Omar, and not overplayed at all. Well balanced and sensitive. Congratulations!

Re: if you like geometry

Beautiful work! It reminds of the work done set by "les ébénistes de les compagnon du Devoir" in France.


Well, it seems the effort paid off! Thanks very much for the positive comments. I got the idea for the base of the legs from looking at the furniture in the U.K. Parliament live on tv debates- the dispatch box sits on a beautiful gothic table and the base gave me the idea.

Re: Flamenco Guitar

really beautiful work, Rick! Your website is really informative and shows your patience and skill in creating these fabulous guitars.

Re: "TEMPLE" dining table

Thank you for all the comments, good and bad, and I hadn't intended to reply as everyone is free to express their view, whether their view is justified or not is for a more personal debate which isn't the point of these posts. What DOES interest me is the view of one's definition of Fine Woodworking: what criteria are you using to judge that piece? Of course - design, selection of materials appropriate to the design, meticulous craftsmanship. They should all be there and I thought they are in this piece. The DEGREE to which they appear will vary according to the complexity of the design. This is a design that some have perceived to be uncomplicated or easy to make, so does that make it less worthy of the title "Fine Woodworking"? It could be the poor quality photo that enhances that view as inevitably a studio shot with lighting will produce an impressive view, but then it changes the perception and in the end it just boils down to a photographic competition - does a mediocre piece shot in a studio make it any better? A fine example of this is the front cover of a book "400 WOOD BOXES"

Re: Buckeye Burl and Walnut Pedestal Table

Very nice work, Greg! Well done!

Re: "South Beach" art deco styled hall table and mirror

Your comments are always most perceptive, Mr Severin, and you maybe interested to know that one of the original drawings for this set did have the black diamonds on the table. So why didn't I put them on? I had to get them both ready for a show and didn't have another week. I thought that just maybe the inclined sides of the table was enough of a relationship, but you found me out! I will have to work longer hours to fulfill the promise of the original design next time. Humbly, Nicholas.

Re: Bloodwood and Ebony Console

Really beautiful, Omar. Well balanced, lovely proportions sound choice of timbers. Keep them coming!

Re: Wooden gear clock

Lovely work! You obviously know of John Harrison who still has 3 of his wooden movement clocks still running; the first built in 1713, so if yours stands up as well as that.....but I love the simplicity of your clocks, so bring us some more!

Re: "Columna"- a pair of bedside cabinets

Thanks John! The outside was put together in "one fell swoop" including the door, which altho' cut was not glued in place. The straps held it all together and kept it round. I thought I was going to have a problem with the roundness but it wasn't so. Obviously the base had to be fitted on with plates to allow shrinkage of the solid carcass.

Re: Ruhlmann-style chiffonnier

A beautiful piece of work and technically demanding and I applaud you! Ruhlmann has long been a favourite of mine and he set many a challenge to his team of makers when they protested at not knowing how to make his designs, he said " find a way!" He also wrote that he made a 25% loss on each piece that left the workshop - I hope you didn't.

Re: Some of my work done at North Bennet Street School

Very nice work, Austin; good of you to put in the blog address which is very interesting to follow the process from flat plank of mahogany to finished piece.I love that "before and after" sequence and the look of amazement on peoples faces saying, "but how....?" I liked the demi lune table too, nice detailing. Keep it coming!

Re: round table with inset lazy susan and chairs

Very many congratulations, Larry! This is a lot of work for one man to do and I couldn't let this posting disappear without someone commenting- I'd just like to know how long it took to do? I have a student here that makes very sculptural furniture and finds it difficult to assess his time for costing in advance.


Rather than use a lathe, a friend used a router she swung from a joist above her bench.Swinging it to and fro and rotating the work on a pin underneath. Worked well if a little slow.....

Re: Sapele Writing Desk

Very nice work and shouldn't be here without anyone saying so! Its an especially nice reason to make them too. My congratulations, Butch!

Re: DECO II - an un-turned bowl

Thanks for all the comments, guys! No plans to make plans for sale but its not that difficult to figure out. You will need to make two accurate jigs though; one for drilling and the other for cleaning up the inside profile on a shaper.

Re: Mahogany, satinwood, ebony foyer table

Thats a lovely design, Michael. What's more, you can make it again with so many different wood combinations. Nice job!

Re: Kaligrafia - a hall table

Thanks Greg! As you've probably found, the more you struggle with the design and the longer it takes the more rewarding the finished piece is. I put the drawings away for a few days to revisit afresh later with new eyes. Surprising the benefit that has, then I turn it upside down too, there's another trick I found out by accident.

Re: 6 place dining suite

Hi there guys - thanks for the comments, they really are appreciated. The table legs weren't too much of a problem at all, it was the back leg of the chair that was seriously difficult to produce. First, I had to cut the angle for the back , plane it flat ( and wenge is extremely hard), glue on the piece I'd cut off with paper in betweenand then turn it to the conical shape. The top end I'd glued on with paper simply knocked off after leaving a crisp clean cut surface to glue onto the back. The back leg is also cut to fit on the back of the seat. That was simply jig making and then cutting on the table saw. More projects next week!

Re: 6 place dining suite

Bent lamination over a caul/mold and put in a vacuum bag press. 100% reliable everytime unlike steam bending. By the way - wenge is not a good wood to steam bend! Glad you like it all - thanks!


Thanks for your comment, Michael - the table is 28" long, 16" high and 16" high. Most of my work is tricky to size in a photo so I always add fruit to scale it.

Re: hall table

You and I think along the same lines, I think! Most of the tables I design can have the proportions altered and so the design is more flexible that way and can be used for a variety of uses. Recycling works fine for designs too, not only materials.

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