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Tim's lounge chair

This is a high back chair with spindles. The curve of the back and seat makes it a very comfortable chair. Material: Black walnut Size:78cm*78cm*100cm

Tim's hybrid Roubo workbench

This is my 2nd workbench.According to my past working habit,I choose a hybrid Roubo style.The whole set is made by beech.Draw front is walnut.

Tim's easy chair

This is my first easy chair.The design philosophy is :The look of Danish chair + Chinese inspired + Woodworking technique of Sam Maloof

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Re: Tim's hybrid Roubo workbench

My shop is an one man shop.By divide the benchtop into three pieces,it would be easier for me whenever I want to move the benchtop.By the way,when I flip the divider it become a Gap Stop.You can refer to the following website for the features.
Benchcrafted Split Top Roubo Plans.

Re: Tim's easy chair

Kmack,Thanks for your appreciation!
Here is the story of my work:
Influence- I made 8 pcs of Maloof style low-back chairs and 2 pcs occasional chairs as practice projects before this easy chair.
Style- Searching for the beautiful design elements from Danish chairs.
Material- Looking for the balance no matter on both color and grains.
Precision- Got experience from the first 10 pcs chairs.

Re: Tim's easy chair

Ed,this is just my habit.I haven't sold any one of them.But I can tell you it took me about 20 working hours for a full scale drawing(including an ugly mock up sample) and 100 working hours for those joints and sculpture.

Re: Tim's easy chair

Thanks Dan!The chair seat frame were constructed by using Sam Maloof's idea.I thought it would be interesting if I extend the side rail and connect the rear leg(3 degree outward).The result seems good from the look.

Re: Tim's easy chair

Thanks Shrlok!It's hard for me to take design elements from classic chairs and then mix them into one chair.But I'm pleased to step into this phase.Hopefully I can creat my form someday.

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