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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

While I am sorry for the person’s injury, and I think the sawstop technology is a great safety advance, I believe inexperience was the ultimate issue here. People buying potentially dangerous (and they all are in the hands of those without experience) should educate themselves through either product literature or DVDs and books available on the subject before even turning the switch on the first time. The most important thing to remember when operating any machinery is "be here now”. That is how I have worked for 24 years with no injuries (other than splinters). Another thought is that there seems to be an epidemic in this country of people refusing to take responsibility for their own actions/mistakes, placing the blame on others (and in some cases profiting from it). I fully realize that large corporations do not always look out for our best interests over their bottom line too. I'm not sure what the solution in these situations is. And in conclusion, my observation (from experience) is that ryobi table saws seem, in my opinion, to be tremendously underpowered for the tasks some people put them up to thereby adding another safety issue.

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