Kate Fox, Portland, OR, US

I'm currently a student at The Northwest Woodworking Studio in Portland, OR. Just one year left until I will be out in the world as a "professional" furniture maker, though I'm still unsure what that will look like. A daughter more like her father than mother I have always preferred to be building things in the shop than cleaning in the kitchen...or anywhere else for that matter.

A creative mess is better than tidy idleness!

I have put together quite the lovely shop over the last two years where I hope to spend my days making bespoke furniture and wood crafted heirlooms just steps away from my own refrigerator, which is key to my creativity and happiness.

I enjoy hand cutting joinery, fusing the seemingly opposing styles of inspiring woodworkers from before me and finding ways to apply unusual methods and materials within furniture structure.

Mostly I just like the way fresh planed wood smells.

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Mahogany and Leather Side Table

I came across an incredibly lovely board of Santos mahogany one day, with swirls of vanilla and orange in the grain, that board is what inspired the whole piece.  The legs are ebonized maple with a...

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Re: Mahogany and Leather Side Table

Thank you, mokusakusensei! That comment means a lot to me, as my first pieces tended to be far too busy (woodworking disco party?), tasteful is certainly a concern for me.

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