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Walnut Coffee Table

the coffee table is 48 by 36 and will fit our future sectional just fine. The project was alot of fun as I learned the art of hand planes since the table top was too big for a planer, and a scraper...

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Re: Start to Finish with Peter Gedrys

First, let me tell you I am a novice woodworker at best. I can make the projects, but my finishing is much to be desired. I was inspired by your class last year here in Harrisburg and created a very nice mantle clock. I used your french polishing technique and it turned out beautifully. I thought that worked so well, I tried it on a coffee table and didn't. I used water based poly with and brushed a liberal amount on. Then I used a cut solution of 50-50 with denatured alchohol and poly. I got the poly to work with the rub, but never got beyond the marks and streaks. I sanded and got out the sprayer, but when I was done with the sprayer, I had a very dull coat of poly. Not what I really wanted. I finally ended up brushing on the poly, sanding with 500 grit, and then paste wax. I was really hoping for a glass looking finish. never quite got there.
where did I miss the step? or how many steps?
Thanks, Bill

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