Didsbury, Alberta

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Unbelievable! Award defies comment; parallels the McDonald's hot coffee award in the U.S. At least a British judge threw out a similiar lawsuit when someone tried suing McDonald's for hot coffee burning them in Britain.

Something needs to change with our litigious society.

William Nicoll
Alberta, Canada

Re: The Wedge

"It is this failure that teaches us far more than our triumphs. For if we embrace these minor bumps in the road or those major sinkholes in our journey towards completion, if we back up, stare them square in the face and understand them, then we can move forward with, if not giddy aplomb, then at least crossed finger confidence that, this time!, we will succeed."

Right On! Best I've ever seen this said.

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