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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Assuming the headline captures the essence of this award and that no actual Ryobi product defect was alleged - I truly hope this award is reversed on appeal, and that the press reports the reversal as much as it has reported the award.

A spotlight might also be put on law firm that has tentatively earned a large percentage of this award. I question the ethics of them advocating that anyone has any rights at all in relation to things they did not buy.

I doubt that Ryobi was in any way negligent in the design of their economical product offering! They've done an amazing job of driving down prices on entry-level tools. Even though I do not buy products in that economy range, I'd hate to see those prices inflated just to finance a bunch of lawyers or the Sawstop folks. Indeed, the price of all non-Sawstop saws is at risk of price-inflation from this award, and that's simply ludicrous!

Perhaps the case should be brought to Steven Colbert's attention so he can "wag a finger" at these folks on television? Maybe William Shatner should reprise his role as Denny Crane to blast this decision in public?

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