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Re: Caption Contest Winner!

To be honest, I don't really remember what I was making.

Re: Peter Shepard Turns the Page

Inspiring designs, beautiful work, and a humble attitude.
Bringing these three things with you when you sticking your neck out sure helps. Congratulations on 20 successful years and thank you for sharing.


Sweet shop. I like the brick, the windows and your lighting. Having moved to Tennessee from California a bit over a year ago, I can relate to bringing some west coast wood with you. You aint gonna find Redwood or any Doug Fir around these parts. I hear that the "reefer" is not as good here either ;)

Re: My First Table

Hey Cedarlog, I agree with your Granddaughters. And children always speak the sometimes painful truth. It looks perfect to me too. Congratulations on your first of hopefully many tables, and for having two Grandchildren that must love you and your woodworking ability very much. Remember that 40 years from now, that table will be "more perfect" when they look back at what you made with your two hands.

Re: Hardware Alphabet Picture Frames

I love your idea Jason. I hope it will inspire your son to follow in your woodworking footsteps.

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