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Re: Router Accident is a Great Lesson in Climb Cutting

Ed, thanks for reminding all of us of this serious mistake. I don't use my INCRA table often enough to stay in practice but I'm about to undertake a project that will require its use.
This is one of those things that most all of use know, BUT, it's way too easy to forget it like you did.

Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

I fine it interesting that most woodworkers appear to NOT want this. I, like them, feel that way, not because it may save a finger but because the "big brother" has gotten involved and may yet require it.
After many years of seeing the government try to cure a preceived problem and failing, actually making it worse. I just don't have the confidence in them to do it well.
Why has NO one talked about the down fall of this produce?
You can "TURN IT OFF" that makes it a failure in my opinion because it puts the decision back in the hands of the user, remember he is the one that is going to make a bad decision and cut off his finger.
For you who do not know, electronics isn't perfect either, it has improved greatly over the years I've been in the business but it still isn't perfect. When you assemble an electronic device there is a failure rate of the devices right off the assembly line. I've seen it go from 20 percent down to now less that one percent. So what does that mean, it means that of all the new Sawstops out there in use now, there are some that will fail to work when you need them too.
It will be interesting when the first law suit is filed naming Mr. Gass for his device failing to SAVE a finger. He does have the odds on his side, so of those bad units will end up with users that are good woodworkers and never test the module.
Also, there isn't anything NEW about this technology he is using, it's been around for years, but he does get credit for putting it together with a tablesaw and that is all he gets.
Anytime someone has a new idea and the American public doesn't force it on the saw makers in this case something is wrong. I think that would have happened with time.
At present Gass is playing to role of "good guy", well, bull. If his motive is so noble then lower the price of his saw.
At present I have a Unisaw with a form of riving knife made by the Gripper folks. If you don't have one, look into their newer metal version but I've been using the plastic one and it has performed well for several years. The most important thing is to keep the saw adjusted properly.
(the further we go toward socialism the worse things get)
did you know that it wasn't that long ago that there wasn't even Federal taxes or an IRS, google it most of you will be surprised.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

Isn't there ONE thing that is missing from the video that is most important to this method?
That is the TYPE of blade that is being used? For example, a carbide tip blade is sharpened on the side as mentioned in passing but there are other blades out there that are NOT.
I think that point should have been stressed more and then I don't see a lot wrong with this cut.
I have a heavy duty (to me anyway) cast iron tenon jig and I'll continue to use it. It cost too much to throw it away and I don't fish so don't need an anchor.

Re: A Simple Way to Inlay Mother of Pearl

I've used mother of pearl for many years as inlay and especially the fret dots. A tip is to use the brad point bits from Lee Valley for the frets. They are the most accurate I've found & the sell metric and sae sizes. The frets from www.stewmac.com I use are metric except for the 1/4" one's. Valley carries the sizes for all them. The frets fit the drilled holes perfectly. Only thing that can mess it up when using these mentioned tools is a worn drill chuck.
I don't use epoxy though instead a glue called E6000 which is made for inlay work when two different materials are involved. It stays flexible, not brittle like epoxy, as wood moves the 6000 moves with it. As stone, mop and wood all move at different rates, this becomes important.
I have no affiliation with stewmac nor Lee Valley, just happy customer.

Re: How to build a table, in 60 seconds

Come on guys, has everyone lost their sense of humor?
I did stop for a second when I read the title but then it just raised my curiousity more!
I also knew before watching that it couldn't mean it the way I was interpreting it.
As we get older sometimes we turn into, well you know...
I hope he does well with his apparent talent and keeps his youthful outlook...

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