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Maloof Style Rocker

This a a Sam Maloof inspired piece, and I've used both videos of Sam, and also the Charles Brock plans, to come up with this chair. Clearly this is mostly a Maloof design - He had a wonderfull eye...

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Re: UPDATE: The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller

Spoke-shaving Stick-man's groin is a tricky business!

Re: Starting a Modern Danish Style Desk

That's a fine looking leg and no mistake. I tried something similar a few weeks ago - an offset, conical leg, with a mortise joinery - and was able to get something that rendered really well, using SketchUp v8 free, in very little time at all. Trust me, I'm a SketchUp beginner so I was pleasantly surprised. However, having got something that rendered so well, without being a 'perfect' model of what I would eventually make, I asked myself the question 'at what level of detail do I need to go for client pictures or workshop drawings?'. I just wondered whether if you hadn't been posting this leg to the blog, you might have stopped short of the curved, square to cylinder transition, especially as you already had a picture of an actual leg you wanted to replicate? I do worry that some makers may end up spending too much time building virtually; feeling that since such detail is shown in tutorials, that they would be failing if they did less.
Reminds me of the joke: How long does it take a perfectionist to change a lightbulb? - I'll have to get back to you later, he's still doing the feasibility study!

Please keep up the posts, I learn something from them all.

Re: UPDATE: Dovetail Techniques with Stephen Hammer

So many ways to cut a dovetail, so little time. Always worth seeing someone else's technique.

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

Suddenly the light came on in Matt's head, as he realised that having thrown away the bit he wanted, what was left could make a nice picture frame.

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