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Re: Dovetails Just Got a Little Easier

"Seems like the rabbet need be the same thickness as the stock your working with for proper alignment. "

The rabbet is just there to help make the block perpendicular.
Its height has no effect.

I have been framing out an insulated wall for my new woodworking shop.
There are three blocks of scrap wood carefully labeled.
Block wall to stud face, block wall to wall face, block wall to back of stud.
Not woodworking per se, but simple small gauges fort the application.
I would use some metal working blocks (1-2-3 in. or 2-4-6 in., or even my large parallel set (1.5 x 3 x 12 inch).
All are matched pairs.
The large ones do not tend to slide around much since they are heavy (even though hollow cast iron).
I even 'borrow' my machinist gauge blocks for exact and repeatable setups.

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