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Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

Not surprised! Just as many of us already suspected (if not assumed), the user was in fact not using ANY (not even one) of the saw's existing features, which the manufacturer clearly specifies for safe use.

What is also clear is that his "instructor" did not provide adequate instruction for safe use. Why is that person not responsible for this accident?

The saw did just what it was designed to do, and there is no flaw evident of the saw itself. The user knew before he even turned on the saw that it did not have magic "flesh-sensing" technology, and knew that it would not stop moving if he flesh touched the blade, yet he chose to use it anyway. How can you expect a saw to perform a function that you know it never had, and that you did NOT even pay for?

This was USER ERROR, 100% (not 35%). Our court system has failed us all again.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

The result of this lawsuit is just plain wrong. What happened to "personal responsibility" in this country? The judge must not have that term in his vocabulary. The owner/user of the saw knew what could happen if his fingers met the blade, and the safety instructions with every saw provide you with all the precausions needed to avoid injury. He could not possibly have followed them all, and even if he did, he is not claiming in his lawsuit that some part of the saw's safety features "broke down" in use that caused his injury, instead he is sueing them for a feature that he knew damn well the saw never had, and that would have cost him at least $1,000 more on the purchase price if it had included that feature. This is completely illogical to me and absolutely absurd, and you know that all the other pending cases (and more cases to come) will be using this case as a springboard.

If this continues, we should all expect the prices of new saws to go up dramatically, as they could eventually be forced by the government to use Gass' technology, which will put some manufacturers out of business, and others will HAVE TO raise their prices in a big way.

Gass' response sickens me, as it is clear that he does not care about woodworkers having a choice in what saw they want, what features and brand, and what price they pay for it...he just wants his technology on every saw and millions more in his pockets. By all means, he should be able to profit from his invention, but not at the cost of putting other manufactuers out of business through governement regulation (rather than letting the free market decide where the sales will go).

I used to love Sawstop and planned to get one, now I don't want to give Gass further "vindication" by sending money and profits his way...and I really mean that.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

I think the bench cookies are a very smart idea, and for a very fair price. I want a pair!

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