Udy Regan, Perth, WA, AU

Living by the rule of ‘one man, one life’, Regan Udy enjoys outdoor activities such as boating and fishing, outrageous water sports, seating it out in marathons, skydiving, exploring unusual SE Asian cuisine and – especially - lounging on tropical beaches. He also likes sharing these and other crazy fun times with friends – pastimes that his wife, luckily, enjoys participating in too.

He previously worked in the field services department for Telstra, collecting field data, assimilating himself in the local wildlife and bending geological drills in the great Australian outdoors.

He attended Perth Grammar School, finishing his education in accountancy, and is quite well-versed in the French language. He also enjoys a good soccer match.

A skilled businessman, Regan now owns the Perth franchise of Supercheap Storage, which lays claim to being the best self storage business in the territory and offers customers affordable mobile storage solutions, according to their individual needs.

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 03/25/1983

Recent comments

Re: STL 63: The Micro-Sized Workshop

I think that these days it's a good idea to be as conservative as possible with space and storage. Doubling up usage for spaces and making sure that you get the most out of every table top and corner becomes so crucial in our era of shrinking property.

Re: Safety Manual: Tablesaw

Most people do like to use the saws with the guards off as they find them annoying, but my gripe is that guards in some saw models are so flawed in designed that its frustrating not to be able to use them.

Re: Inexpensive furniture woods

Here in Perth we are lucky to be able to work with sustainable timber from Marri or Jarrah, both of the Eucalyptus family. Jarrah is heavily produced and we still recycle large pieces of them that are recovered from old furniture or buildings.

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