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Re: Woodworking Tips Have a New Home

this may be too fast, but here goes...
I seem to forget to apply or release the tension on my bandsaw, I came up with a way to help... I tied a knot in the plug end of the cord... when I unplug it I hang it on the tension lever releasing the tension, when it is time to use the saw I take the plug from the lever, applying the tension and plug it in.

Re: The Story Behind the Government's Pending Tablesaw Ruling

I suspect the real motivation is not what it may seem... Gass and his partners are counting on a huge payday, by convincing the government that their patented technology is mandated to be used in all tablesaws.

If their motivation is really to make all tablesaws 'completely safe', then they should release the patent to the public domain. If the patent was released to the public domain I *might* believe that the motivation is really making tablesaws safer not just a huge, make that gigantic, payday.

I do not dispute the fact that the technology could save countless dollars in injuries.

Bottom line ... I can not support mandating a patented technology especially when the 'poster-child' is an incompetent that elected to remove the manufacturer installed safety devices and ignore warning signs of improper use(chattering and binding) by continuing to force the operation.

Re: Fast Fix: Breadboard Ends Jig

Add one more step to the fabrication of the jig... after it is glued up run it through the jointer or table saw to make the 'working side' absolutly true. If you are a little imprecise like me, this last step will make sure that the two working edges are perfect and true to each other.

Re: Winner Chosen for Tablesaw Safety Tip Challenge

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for or really applies as a safety tip, but here goes anyway.

I think I follow the safety rules pretty close, but following one rule has scared me one too many times, so I had to find a solution.

Unplug it whenever changing the blade... that is all well and good but plugging it back in can be scary, my saw came with a mechanical push-button switch...

How many times did I hit the 'on' button and realize that I have forgot to plug it back in(too many to remember), oh, then just plug it in and all is good, but !!!Surprise!!! it starts as soon as I plug it in. I have been extremely fortunate, but I was pretty sure that my luck may run out someday, so I retrofitted it with a magnetic switch, for about $60.

From what I understand, a magnetic switch ‘resets’ it’s self to off whenever power is applied, therefore the machine will not start when power is restored, by plugging-in or resetting a breaker.

Re: Help us design a workbench for power-tool lovers

I have 4 portable tool carts in my shop, here is the rundown:
The first is a router table/station it a modified 'NewYankee' design that is on wheels, I got tired of dinging the 24x36 top, so I bought a galvanized pan(about 1/2" deep from AutoZone and put it upside-down to protect the top when I am using it for 'other' non router functions.
The second and third are small 24x20x30 roll abouts that have a bunch of 6" drawers full of ‘stuff’, and one oversize drawer with a 12" delta planer...I put T-tracks in the tops and have a drawer full of hold-downs , T-bolts and other T-track accessories. I added a few custom attachments, one that holds a dust-collection clear of the out feed table of my planer. I have handles on the sides and hooks to hold the extension cord.

The last one is, dare I say an old B&D WorkMate, nothing special but sure gets a lot of use!

I plan to make another cart like the other two, then I would be at five. This time I am thinking of hiding an extension reel inside, but reverse it so that the plug is on the pull-out end, then have a set of outlets on the side one to be ‘auto-switched’ for a dust-collection or an inexpensive shop vac.

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

What ever happened to "Read, Understand and Follow the safety rules that come with your power tools"... oops that assumes the ability to read AND understand!!!

There are a number of flaws with the "assumption" that the lawyers and jurors made:

1. The operator accepted the risks when he removed the safety features.
2. The operator was aparently aware that something was wrong when he stopped and 'diddled' with stuff... IMHO he should have asked for help, but obviously pride and stupidity prevailed.

Correct me if I am wrong but SawStop has the ability to disable/disarm the flesh-sensing so that it will not be fired by green or wet wood... lets assume that is correct, then it is only a matter f time before there will be a law suit aginst SawStop because the operator elected to disarm the safety feature.

Re: 8 non-woodworking tools for woodworkers

Galvanized oil drip pan... the kind you put under old cars that ooze a little oil now and then.

For what, you ask? Mine is 24x36 and 1/2" deep. It fits perfectly(upside down) on top of my router table. My garage, er, shop is used for many types of work not just woodworking and my custom metal cover protects it from 'other' mechanical work.

Re: Top 7 Woodworking Pet Peeves

Not allowing myself 'enough' time in the shop, ya know life gets in the way of making sawdust ;)

Re: Disposable cups fit most gravity-feed spray guns

I use the DeKups system with a number of guns, how does the Sata system compare with the Devillbis or 3M?

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