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Re: Three great finishing tips

Seems like whole lot of sass about another man's dovetails...

I like the glove tip though, never done it quite like that.


Re: Dust Revisited

I do love those homemade blast gates though.

Re: Dust Revisited

I was under the impression, from what I've heard and read recently, that the fire/explosion hazard from static buildup isn't actually an issue. I could be wrong of course and would like to see some data on either side.

Anecdotally, the only fire I've ever witnessed in a DC system was caused by a small clump of shavings hung ON a copper wire inside the duct. Someone hit a nail on a machine directly under the connection and the spark immediately ignited the shavings. One more reason to have a charged extinguisher handy.

Re: UPDATE: Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman by Peter Korn

Been wanting this book for a while; the craft needs more like it.

Re: UPDATE: Hand Planing Techniques by Hendrik Varju

sign me up

Re: UPDATE: Making a Welsh Stick Chair with Hugh Roberts


Re: UPDATE: Windsor Chairmaking by James Mursell

I'll take it.

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