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Blanket chest

Black walnut trim on oak box. All from rough lumber. Finger joints add visual interest. Cedar lined. Torsion hinges.

Craft bookcase

Fun project to practice skills. No glue or metal (other than brads to mount face trim). Through tenons w/ wedges hold together.  Can disassemble simply by pulling out wedges. Made from oak...

Craftsman coffee table

First piece in the process of replacing living room furniture w/ my own work. Next...end tables to match style. Note through tenons w/ wedges.


One of four mantels.  Others arer same style but smaller.  This one is 5' long, three tiers. Others are 3'

Shaker table

Bit by the woodworking bug last year after building a pergola over our patio.  Tried furniture and loved it.  Many more project photos to come.

Recent comments

Re: Craftsman coffee table

Your Grandfather's carving is AMAZING!!!!!!

Re: Maple & Wenge Jewelry Box

Disturbingly brilliant!!!! Amazing!!! Great work!!!!

Re: Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Fascinator Chair

AMAZING!!! You demonstrate phenomenal skill. I cannot imagine creating something as advanced as that,however, only one year ago I could not imagine creating the pieces I have created so there is hope for me. I will look for more of your posts.
Jive T

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