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Treasure Chest

This medium sized chest is intended for a child to store his favorite toys, keepsakes, and souvenirs as the years go by. Hence I call it a Treasure Chest. It is 23L by 17W by 16H and is principally...

Simple Walnut Coffee Table

This Danish Modern style coffee table was the result of a family member request for a simple and functional table design. Specifically it was to be somewhere between the "quasi-industrial" look that...

Sewing Center

Sewing Centers / cabinets available for retail purchase tend to be large fold-out and fold-open units using mostly man-made materials and mass production joinery. After consultation with my local...

Sapele Ottoman

This Ottoman was designed with a bit of Asian flair to suit the style preferences of a family member. It is solid African Sapele wood all around with the exception of Alder used for internal corner...

Walnut Armoire

This bedroom clothing armoire was constructed as a stacked two piece upper cabinet and lower dresser unit assembly for ease of cross country shipment. It is medium sized for an armoire with basic...

Jewelry Cabinet - Krenov Style

    Jewelry Cabinet – Krenov Style Starting with the classic James Krenov Display Cabinet, I modified the design to be wall hung and replaced the glass doors with solid panels. The usual display...

Mahogany Sewing Case

Mahogany Sewing Case This case is my own design intended to allow more tool and work-in-process storage than my spouse's current sewing basket. The design has a bit of Asian flair in the leg...

Lamp Table, Greene and Greene Style

Lamp Table, Greene & Greene Style The cherry lamp table is 22 inch L by 20 W by 22 H and has a 16 inch square frame base. It sits nicely between two arm chairs in a music listening and reading area...

Walnut Hallway Table

  This Walnut Hallway Table with a floating top design style can be used in an entry hall, behind a sofa, or in any location where available space is limited. If a full width view is available you...

Mahogany Hall Table in Federal Style

  Federal Style Hall Table This table is very compact but has enough capacity to handle those entry way package and mail perch duties as well as storing car keys, bus schedules, maps or whatever...

Arts & Crafts Dining Table

This dining table was recently finished to complete a set with 6 chairs previously posted on this site. The table is my own interpretation of an Arts & Crafts Prairie Style design. Some of the...

Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

The dining chairs were built from a Kevin Rodel plan published in FWW and available from Taunton. The chairs are solid cherry with some wenge Greene and Greene style accents. The upholstery is 2...

Arts and Crafts Display Cabinet

A matching pair of display cabinets was designed by myself to both display art pieces and to house fine books for access in the living / reading room. The Arts and Crafts styling features through...

A&C Prairie Style Entertainment Center

After visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in Oak Park, I've taken to designing and building furniture in this Prairie style for a new home. This entertainment center is 10 ft long and supports a...

Recent comments

Re: Campaign Chest

This is a beautifully refined interpretation of campaign style furniture. Although my personal preference and hobbyist woodworking experience has been Arts & Crafts, my daughter has expressed a desire for campaign furniture like this. I'd certainly like to take a crack at making a piece like this if I could get my hands on some construction / joinery plans. Not much out there from my research on the web.

The teak is a great choice from both appearance and a strength viewpoints. Mr Cizek is a very accomplished professional judging from his Four Sisters website.

Re: Prairie Chandeliers

This is a very elegant design with lots of eye-catching complexity. FLW would be very pleased with this design! I'm thinking about trying something very similar in a floor lamp, on a smaller scale. Great inspiration!

Re: Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

I posted the error list in the Knots Forum as post # 170025 under the title Kevin Rodel A&C Chair plan errors. Hope you can find it there.

Re: Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

To Kbibelhausen: Just saw your post and question this evening. If you still would like to see a list of plan errors and other suggestions I can e-mail them since the list is too long to post as a comment. Not quite sure how to get it to you otherwise. I'll check out the forum to see if that is a better venue for plan errata.

Re: G&G End Table

Nice details on the lower leg area to draw the eye there and add visual balance with the top breadboard ends and pegs!

Re: Figured Cherry and Walnut Accent Rocking Chair

Very Maloof - Like indeed! Nice work on the joinery and on the finish of this great looking rocker.

Re: Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

The dining table is now completed as of February and can be seen at this location:

Re: Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

Hello Flactem,
No, I used the jig that Rodel shows in FWW, but it was too flexible and spread as you tapped in the wedges to hold the workpiece. I needed to place various clamps across the jig to really prevent sliding and to keep the workpiece angled properly with the router base. Also, if you bought the full size plan from Taunton be sure to check all plan dimensions yourself. There are numerous dimensional errors probably created by the draftsman and a lack of skill with trigonometry. Also some pictorial errors on spreader features. I've sent an error list to Kevin but he was not confident that an errata sheet would be published by Taunton.

Re: A&C Prairie Style Entertainment Center

shadowbox : The 3 units are carcass construction rather than frame and panel. The side and base panels and sub top cross rails are firmly attached to each other as you might do for a kitchen cabinet. The corner legs are notched out so that the cabinet weight goes thru the notch bottoms to the floor. The carcass panels are screwed to the leg backs from inside the cabinet. I guess what I'm saying is that overall it is a cross between carcass construction and frame and panel joinery for cabinetry that has floor resting legs.

Re: Arts and Crafts media cabinet

Very nice design adding some G&G elegant touches and joinery to an otherwise basic cabinet shape. It really spruces it up nicely. Looks great under that LCD screen.

Re: Walnut & Cherry Floating HDTV Cabinet

Very elegant design lines on this piece. Also a pleasing grain & color contrast as shown. May I suggest that you consider adding other photos if you have them. It would be nice to see a side and isometric view of this cabinet.

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

I'm looking towards a Starrett 6 inch combination square for my next gift/acquisition. I can't believe how important their 6 inch rule has been in my projects the last ten years.

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