Vic Hubbard, Pasco, WA, US

I life long student of design and woodworking.

Gender: Male

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Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

Nice giveaway! I'd be happy to take them off your hands.

Re: Eva's Cradle

Love the design! Very contemporary, great contrast and functional. Well done on the execution, also!

Re: Bent Lounge Chair

Very nice!

Re: The first-ever FWW Live, as it happened

Asa, congratulations on a very successful event. I've heard nothing but accolades! I hope I'm able to make the trek next year.

Re: Custom Chisel Storage for a Brand New Bench

Very nice, Ed! Making the drawing flexible for future growth is a great idea.

Re: Shop Talk Live 10: Handplanes for a Desert Island

I can vouch for the Sutherland Welles product. Awesome stuff. Super easy to apply and looks phenomenal!

For my wooden shop floor, I put down an oil based poly. Too slick and a hassle. As I've cleaned up glues, stains, etc, along with maintenance, I've been putting down the cheap Bullseye Shellac. I think it's a 3lb cut. Dries fast and isn't nearly as slick. Great show, guys!

Re: Intermediate Workbench Video Series

You'll enjoy that, Ed. Nice looking bench. What hardware are you going with for vise(s)? I went with the Benchcrafted, but I built a 10' Roubo. Everyone has different needs and space limitations, so I'm glad you're building something solid that diverges from the big beasts.

Re: Last-Minute Gifts for Woodworking Dads

Right at $50.00, a Blue Spruce small marking knife would make any woodworking Dad a very happy camper. I own both the large and small as well as several of his chisels. You get the added benefit of supporting a boutique tool maker. They are the ones who are keeping the craft of tool making alive and well in my little world.


Re: Using end grain to make drawer front veneers

Absolutely fantastic, Matt. I love the textured undulations on the drawer fronts. Definitely something to add to my vocabulary.

Vic @Tumblewood

Re: Video Sneak-Peek of New Groundbreaking Video Workshop Series

I can't wait!! What a innovative take on G&G!!!

Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

I view machines/power tools in the shop as the modern apprentices. I see no devalue in a piece of furniture simply because some processes were done with power, be it a tablesaw, router table, or a CNC machine.

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