Matt Lewis, GA, US

Avid woodturner since about 2006. I am most interested in functional turning. Underpinning my interest is the challenge of repetitive production. The world of woodturning excites me, most particularly the practical purpose that seemed so prevalent in days gone by. My technical background and interest in technical writing compliment my enjoyment of woodturning enhancing my continuously growing skill as a turner. Published author and casual demonstrator.

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How to Make a Finger Chuck

A useful Shopmade chuck for reverse turning smaller pieces. Made from scrap wood and a hose clamp, you end up with a functional chuck and a router base for a variety of uses on the lathe.

Make Your Own Chisel for the Lathe

Expand your shopmade woodturning tool collection by making your own chisel using readily available high speed steel tool stock. Use this method to deal with rectangular tangs.

The Shopmade Tool Series: Starting Your Collection

Learn how to make functional high-speed steel turning tools from scratch.

"The Little Brown Garden Shed" - Home of the Tri-color Turners

The is where I turn. It is a 10' x 12" kit shed I insulated and wired. I recently rearranged and moved two Jet mini-lathes out to make room for the Woodfast MC 908 (ca 1994/95). One mini is in...

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Re: STL 72: Another Tablesaw Lawsuit

Bingo user-3280084! Likely the reason SawStop has attempted to force their brake on the other manufacturers. The brake concept is wonderful, but the way SawStop attempted to corner the market is disappointing to me and all about money in my mind.

Re: How to Make a Finger Chuck

Hi usachief,

I recommend you build the chuck and test it yourself. I think you'll find many of your concerns alleviated. I think you'll quickly determine what a comfortable speed is for the chuck and the value of it for reverse chucking compared to dovetailed precision chuck jaws. Would love to see if you are able to adjust your comments after you have given the chuck a go. Who knows, it might not be of value to you in the final analysis and that is okay. However, I 'll bet others find it useful. Thanks for sharing!



Re: "The Little Brown Garden Shed" - Home of the Tri-color Turners

Thanks Ron! It has served me well.

Re: Putting a Bevel on a Gouge

Thanks for recreating the video and for offering a different approach! That last little bit was an added bonus as it makes you think about what is happening at the stone when you actually grind a gouge.

Best regards,


Re: Drawing a Turning Gouge

Thanks Dave! I remember some of the steps, but could use a refresher. I appreciate your quick response and taking the time to replace it.

Best regards,


Re: Drawing a Turning Gouge


Any chance of getting this video back?


Matt Lewis

Re: What Really Happens on a Fine Woodworking Photo Shoot

What a wonderful mixture, woodworking and music. Great pickin' Rollie!

Re: UPDATE: Turning Wood with Richard Raffan, 3rd edition

This is a wonderful book written by the by the best of the best woodturners!

Re: New Woodworking Machinery Maker Hits the Ground Running

Wonderful....some more of the same old Asian equipment sold by an American company. By the way, first time I have ever heard of these folks.

Re: Still don't have a workbench? This one is easy


Love the bench! Will you tell us how far down you drilled the hole for the dowel stock support?


Matt Lewis

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