Thomas Hoxie, Weaverville, NC, US

Started woodworking when I retired and moved to NC in 2000. I am self-taught through books, videos and good advice from a couple of woodworking pro friends.

I build mostly contemporary tansu furniture, or furniture in other Asian-looking styles. Don't know why -- never been to Japan -- just like the "Asian" look a lot. Have recently begun building boxes as well to increase sales.

Small garage shop, and sales are either through a local gallery or commissions. Objective is not making a living -- it's building up and maintaining my tool collection. He who dies with the most tools wins.

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Contemporary Tansu-Style Buffet

This is a large dining room buffet built as a companion piece to a large Japanese tansu step-chest that I built for the same client. Both are 100% African sapele, finished with Minwax red mahogany...

Contemporary Tansu Mizuya (Kitchen Cabinet) - Repurposed

This is a project I've wanted to do for some time.  I'm fascinated with tansu furniture, and I specialize in designing & building contemporary versions of many tansu pieces. This mizuya (a kitchen...

Sushi-4-2 Box

This box is made of curly ambrosia maple and sapele woods.  Solid brass hardware is imported from China (  It's a whimsical creation that appeals to...

Mizuya-dansu Kitchen Cabinet

This stacked mizuya-dansu (Tansu kitchen cabinet) is patterned after an authentic piece owned by one of my clients.  When unstacked it can be used as two unique end tables...

Recent comments

Re: Drawer pulls in tight spaces

It's a nice touch, but It seems to me that the simplest answer of all would have been to use an appropriately sized Forstner drill bit to form the recess. It's easy to set and control the depth on a drill press.

Re: Sushi-4-2 Box

The box is solid wood. And finding out how well sapele and maple mix has led me to use that wood combination in several furniture pieces as well. No stain, just several coats of clear satin finish lacquer.

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