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Retired physician, woodworker since teenager; FWW subscriber since #1; published in FWW Design-book 2.
Interested in turning, Windsor chairs, Letter carving.

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Seeing the number of comments alraady posted, I don't expect many will read this one, but here it goes.

The root cause of this problem, in my view, is he contingency fee system, in which the lawyer charges no fee unless the suit is successful, but then charges 1/3 of the take (In the case in point that would be a fee of 1/2 million.) As a physician, I have seen this system close up. The injured person ventures nothing, but in the end recieves much less than the verdict.

The trial lawyer associations fight to keep this system. This is how John Edwards made his millions.

Our legsilators get large contibutions from the lawyers groups. Nuff said.

Tom, M.D.

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

Having subscribed to FWW from its beginning, it is my view that cutting dove-tails has been covered to the point of fatique. Maybe there are not enough other topics to write about.

I am very fond of dove-tails, and have used them for strength and for decorative value. I think the old timers didn't consider them decorative. With that in mind I have in making jewelry chests or my grandaughters used blind mitered dove-tails. This is a very good exercise. Having just finished one of those I was able to point out this joint in an antique chest to the dealer who was unaware of it. I think he jacked up his price!

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