Boulder, CO, US

I retired from high tech and started building custom pieces for family and friends. Interest in my work has spread via word of mouth as my skills have grown. In ten years, I have built over 200 pieces and added or refined many woodworking skills. My ambition is to focus on smaller pieces of fine furniture, decorated with marquetry, when appropriate, and emphasizing good workmanship.

Gender: Male

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Tile Table

This the second table that utilizes tiles from RTK Studios and my own design executed in American cherry. I first learned about them on an episode of "This Old House" in Santa Barbara. I incorporated...

Contemporary coffee table

This design is adapted from a table by David Marks.  I resized it and substituted rosewood veneer.  The base is maple and the legs are shaped in three dimensions using simple templates and...

Wine cabinet

Custom designed cabinet featuring combination of art nouveau and chinese motifs.  Case is QSWO, base is solid walnut, and remainder is veneered.  The facade of rosewood and oak veneers was...

Autumn Aspen table

Table design is original and was inspired by views of fall aspen blowing in the wind.  The solid wood for edging and legs is tiger maple, which was chosen to give impression of shimmering...

Shaker Silver Trays

These two trays were built with resawn cherry to produce book matched pairs of sides and ends.  They were hand planed and lightly sanded.  Two coats of an oil/varnish blend completed the...

Contemporary hall table

Cherry hall table featuring bent lamination legs and mortise and tenon joinery.  The design mimics that of a similar coffee table, also shown in this gallery.  The legs for the two tables...

contemporary coffee table

Cherry coffee table designed for Colorado mountain home.  The design is a contemporary redesign of a rustic table and utilizes bent lamination legs and mortise and tenon joinery.  The top...

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Why do you continue to post this type of unrelated crap on a woodworking website?

Re: Essential Guidelines to Rent Condos during Your Luxury Vacation

More advertising crap! Why aren't these commercials screened out? Are any FWW staffers awake out there?

Re: Things to Consider in Creating Chesterfield Sofa

Again. More advertising in a section for reader's projects. Can't you screen this crap out?

Re: Choosing Birchwood for Furniture

More advertising in this section. Why?

Re: Welsh Hutch

Very nice design and execution. I like the bright color.

Re: Union Jack Vintage Trunk

More unwanted crap. FWW staff: can't you screen advertising out of the members posting area?

Re: Luxury living at resort condos - more than just a place to call home

Why is this crap on FWW website? We get enough advertising as it is. This is BS.

Re: Carved Live Edge

Very nice. Creative use of live edge.

Re: paint roller wooden handle making machine full automatic wood lathe

More crap from the same source! What is going on?

Re: putty knives wooden handle making machine

Why is this crap posted here?

Re: Wedding box with marquetry

Nice execution of both the box and marquetry.

Re: Laser Hair Removal List Of Benefits

Why is this crap posted in FWW?

Re: WWE WrestleMania 30 Live Stream: Start Time and Preview for Major PPV

Why is this crap being published on FWW website?

Re: Tubby the Soldier

Very cool project! What was your inspiration?

Re: Simple Tips for Motivating Staff in Your Dental Practice

Why is this crap in FWW?

Re: My "learning table", cherry hall table

Extremely nice table. I am surprised at the execution of the details, especially for a first table.

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

Doug is a great teacher and I would love to have this book.

Re: Hope Chest

That is a beautiful example of a popular form. I like it a lot.

Re: A Beginner's Mitered Box

Very good result for your first box. A good next step could be adding reinforcing splines on the corners. They add both strength and decorationl.

Re: Federal Entry Table

Very nice work. Congratulations.

Re: Arts and Crafts fireplace surround

Nice job of both design and execution.

Re: Music Box

Really nice job. Very attractive.

Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

I am currently making boxes, some with marquetry on the lid. Count me in.

Re: Scott Morrison Inspired Cradle

A stunning achievement! Congratulations on a job extremely well done.

Re: Entryway Bench and Coatrack

Nice design. Good use of the baskets also. Congratulations.

Re: The Singing Butler, marquetry

Exceptional work. congratulations! The use of sand shading is very effective.

Re: Hayrake Base on an Outdoor Dining Table

Very nice design and workmanship. Good work!

Re: Two in One Table

Very original idea, nicely implemented. Beautiful. The workmanship on the radial matches is exceptional.

Re: white tulip wine cabinet


Very nice. I like your use of marquetry. Not overdone and elegantly executed. Congratulations.


Re: Demilune table sunburst top

Congratulations. The table is stunning, a beautiful combination of design, veneer work, curved rails, and carving. I particularly like the stringing that separates and defines the sections of veneer on the top.


Re: Sushi-4-2 Box

Exceptional piece of work. Congratulations. Is the box solid wood or veneered?


Re: "Pearls of Wisdom" dining table, mahogany, inlaid dyed resin, LEDs

Very innovative design. Congratulations. I see you live in Nederland. If you are in Boulder sometime, stop in.

Best regards, Tom Abbott

Re: Make it Stick: A Guide to Glue Ups

This is a very disappointing blog entry and is typical of many FWW blogs lately. There is almost no useful information in this blog, yet it was featured on the home page. I checked it out because I hoped to find a useful tidbit. Instead I was referred to Knots, which I already check regularly. And then, there is another poll. These polls appear to be a new FWW technique for stimulating member interest. It doesn't work for me. Good practices are not a matter of public opinion. They are a result of experience and practice, which can be carefully explained using skilled writing. Let's have more of that.

Re: Hank Gilpin: Exploring the American Forest

Wow! I find Hank's comments and photos quite inspirational. This motivates me to search through the lumber at a local company that removes trees and mills them into usable planks. I recently saw some spalted apple there that was beautiful, and want to search for more.

Re: Treasure/Music Box for Grandson

The box is beautifully done and the marquetry is first rate. Very nice.

Re: After The Goldrush lingerie cabinet

Elegant piece that demonstrates mastery over a wide variety of woodworking skills. Exceptional.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: New Masters of the Wooden Box by Oscar P. Fitzgerald

The book looks cool and I would enjoy putting the ideas to work on my own projects.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: New Masters of the Wooden Box by Oscar P. Fitzgerald

The book looks cool and I would enjoy putting the ideas to work on my own projects.

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