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This is my latest veneer artwork, Swedish dj Avicii. All cut by hand with a surgery knife. The idea was taken of a photo. The veneers I used were cerejeira crotch, maple, cherry, pearwood, rosewood...


This is my latest marquetry project. While making this portrait I was playing with the shadow contrast in the face a little bit. Woods used: quilted sapeli, maple, anigre, cherry, walnut, coromandel...


This is another veneer job I did rescently. It's some sort of silhouette of one of my favourite dance DJ's, Arty. Woods used are elm burl, walnut burl, maple, ziricote and black/red dyed veneer. All...


This jewelry box was a gift for my girlfriends birthday. It's made of maple burl veneer, with a leather interior. The inlay is black dyed veneer and the pull is made of grenadilla wood

Just married

This was a wedding gift for my cousin and his wife, who just got married. In this piece I worked with some new veneers, like the black, blue and white (man-made) veneers and the grey dyed limba...

Will Smith

In this piece of work, I tried to get the right contrast in the face, with only one type of wood (walnut). It took me some time to pick the right pieces, but overall im satisfied with the result.

Brotherly love

This is another one of my 'veneer-jobs'. Me and my brother when we were young. This is the first time I tried to veneer real people. It was a fun job, but not very easy :)   Suggestions and...

Satu Cinta

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas. I'm 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Since I gratuated from the Dutch furniture school last year, I got all into veneering inlay/marquetry. I love it and...

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Re: Monopoly Board


Re: Rocking dinosaur

That is an absolute AWESOME piece of furniture, I really love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Re: Rocking dinosaur

That is an absolute AWESOME piece of furniture, I really love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Re: 18th-Century Desk

That's an absolute beautiful piece of craftsmanship! Love it!

Re: Effigy of the Mind

Wow, just WOW! I love it!

Re: Practice

1900 pieces?? How many will there be in the bigger vessel then?

Re: Will Smith

I found this as a picture on the internet (It was actually a fan-made drawing). I printed it and cut all the outer lines on the background peace and then started creating the detail.

Re: You Want What? Contest

The most challenging thing I've ever made was during my internship, last year (I'm a student at a woodworking school in the Netherlands). A client came in with a problem. They needed a HUGE '&-sign' to be built (that's how we call it). It was about 80x60x30 inches, fully dimensional as the curved parts go past eachother in a 3-dimensional way. It was a pretty tricky thing to built, espescially because it had to be done in about 20 days, from first meeting the client, to finishing and delivering. We started making a skeletal-formed base. After that we glued and nailed 3 layers of wacky wood on the sides and finished the last layer with thin MDF. After a lot of milling and sanding it was sprayed in a white color and off to the client, leaving a bit of a problem because at first,it didnt fit through the doors....

When I asked them what it was used for, they said: "Ahh we just need it for a commercial photoshoot and then we will probably never use it again" *smile*

Re: A Simple Way to Inlay Mother of Pearl

Has anyone tried finishing a pearl-inlaid piece of wood with oil (Danish, or whatever)? Graig mentioned that laquer does the job, but how about oil?
Any shares are apreciated

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