I have been working with wood since high school when I started building my own guitars. I then went through art school with a focus on sculpture. After art school I attended College of the Redwoods cabinetry, then moved on to their Fine Furniture school in Fort Bragg.

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E-16 Chair

This chair is my first real attempt at chairmaking. The design is my own, in a Danish Modern theme. I made this as my first project of my second year at College of the Redwoods' Fine Woodworking...

Omforter Mahogany chair

Cold formed lamination for seat, doweled onto sides. Made of African mahogany.


This madrone wall cabinet was built for my first semester project  as a student at college of the redwoods. The carcase is assembled with wedged through tenons, mortises chopped and tenons cut by...

Little Maple Cabinet

This is a small cabinet made of hard maple. The two doors on the left are sliding doors, and the one on the right is hinged. The slats in the door frames are concave, planed with a round bottom...

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Re: Little Maple Cabinet

The coopering plane is made essentially the same way as any wooden bodied plane, but with a much thicker sole, then use a block plane on the sole to curve it to the profile of the blade you are using.

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