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Finally I got around to building a proper workbench. I used reclaimed maple and mansonia timbers for the structure and the top. The sides are completed with thick plywood and are coloured. As vises I...

Chest of Drawers

The Chest of Drawers (120x87x47cm) is entirely made of Arve. The wood has a very pleasant smell to it, but is also very soft, which easily leads to dents. The Bubinga elements on the front were done...

Room Divider

Overal size is 185x100x25 cm. By cutting out three equal sections in each board starting at 30 cm in from the end, the four bendable strips were thus left. The tricky part was fitting the shelves...

Stand-Up Desk

The Stand-Up Desk was designed to ease a friends back-problems from too much sitting on a normal desk. I chose cherry and mahogany with small wenge elements. The legs and cross-braces I shaped to...

Writing Desk

I had been pondering a desk-design for over a year. It had to be timeless and elegant. When I saw Chris gouchnour´s design in FWW I knew I could do something with it. I had a wide board of Mahogany...


I didn't want to build it the easy way, so I angled the sides at 88°. This of course caused a whole tail of complications. I got what I asked for. The main wood is cherry and the fronts were...

Mobbed to the Side

Finding a board of walnut in my stack with these striking patterns made it clear it had to be used for drawers to heighten the effect. Another piece of cherry with a life of its own resulted in the...

Bathroom Cabinet with Curved Doors

The original idea was to make a piece with straightforward sides and curved doors as an eye catcher. I had seen these doors on a piece by Jeff O'Brien and decided to give it a try. Once the doors...

Recent comments

Re: Stand-Up Desk

Thank you for your comment. I am curious to see your desk once it is finished.

Re: ceratizit cutting tools

A post like this one should not be allowed !! We want to see good woodworking projects here and not blatant advertising.

Re: Førstnævnte Table

Striking, clean lines. No unnecessary extras mar this piece.

Re: "Lazy Stephen" Tool Turntable

Just saw your clever design. One question: how do you prevent vibrations from rattling the circular top ? The two stop-blocks don't do anything in this respect, so do you lock the table down somehow ?


Re: Mobbed to the Side

Thank you very much for your appreciation. At this moment there is no website of its own for my woodworking passion, but it is incorporated into my business website. You will see various pieces from FineWoodworking, designs similar to ones seen in Fine Woodworking and some of my own designs - these now tend to become more pronounced. Here it is:

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

Until a few years ago I didn't even know what dovetails were. Then I hit upon a fine-woodworking subscription and that changed things dramatically. All of a sudden limitations I had felt but couldn't name as an amateur woodworker were blown away, and my eyes were opened to the possibilities of the craft.
An important part of that was the desire to be able to do dovetails well, mainly as an exercise in accurate hand-tool use. The progress I made was rewarding, the time I spent on it was well spent. Had I been a professional, the business would have gone down the drain by now for all the hours tinkering, marveling, cursing and in the end enjoying the process of making dovetails.
That is what it boils down to - as long as there is enjoyment in the process it is fine to do them, when it becomes stressful it is better to sit down and enjoy a glass of good wine instead.

While I am at it - Fine Woodworking has helped in furthering my skills in unprecedented ways, something I am grateful for.

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