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Re: Jere Osgood: Modesty and Mastery

Scuse me thats Jere, not jese .......oooops

Re: Jere Osgood: Modesty and Mastery

I took several seminars on bent laminations and other things with Jere and still find myself daily recalling and utilizing the multitudinous (ain't that a great word though?) things he touched upon within the scope of the classes. I always find his stuff both inspirational and that thing to aspire to.. and who wants the shortest way between two points to be the best way to build anything anyway? Me, I always take the right hand turn at Albuquerque .....where Jere makes his turns ,I have NO IDEA! I just always been glad he does. Welcome to his world if this is your first glimpse in... where the heck have you all been anyway?....

Thanks Jese... L.K.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

I taught kids woodworking (often terrifying) and the fact that someone had the brains to invent something that can avoid the loss of limb or digit and then has to start a company to get a saw equipped with it into the market says far too much about the real safety concerns of the tool industry.
Yeah we should all be careful and not over reach and not drink poisons and get pregnant when a baby is not the intent, but stuff happens. And if there is an easy proven way to help avoid these things who wouldn't advocate for their use?
Should we be forced to throw out or old table-saws? Of course not.
But in the future, one should use the new fangled wheel instead of dragging stuff from point to point by polesled , prevent diseases with vaccines and utilize the inventiveness of your fellow man to avoid injury.. And get these blade stop things onto saws...
Hey if Delta and Porta cable and Powermatic etc (aren't they all the same at this point?)want to invent a better safety saw stop rather than buying Gass's technology, Lettem do so..... Remind me , was there something stopping them from doing so while Gass invented and tried to peddle his idea to them? I didn't think so...

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