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Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

The first thing I made in my retirement workshop was a triangular box. I was thrilled when the lid fit in all three positions. With a wife, a sister, two daughters, three granddaughters, and four great-grandaughters, I could use this book for gifts. And the five boys down the line need toolboxes.

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

This would solve my next year's Christmas list. Perfect idea.

Re: UPDATE: Building Doors & Drawers by Andy Rae

Just what I need! Since Hurricane Ivan flooded our home I've rebuilt a number of cabinets -- all but the doors and drawers.

Re: Norm Abram at Old Sturbridge Village

Many years ago, when I was a mechanical engineer designing dredge pumps and rock crushers, I stumbled on a copy of Fine Woodworking and opened it to an article on how to make a newel post. I knew that that was the kind of woodworking I wanted to do. I still remember the images and description of the intricate joinery and never lost that inspiration. Watching Norm gave me the confidence to invest in good tools and keep learning. Now, the most recent things I've made are kitchen cabinets to replace those flooded by Hurricane Ivan and a set of barrister's bookcases for my granddaughter's college graduation. Thanks, Norm, for the confidence, and for many happy hours acquiring it and the skills.

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