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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This comes down to simple economics. Sawstop sells some very expensive saws. I know they're completely out of my price range... a used Delta hybrid and a bench saw is what I work with. Consumers seem quick to blame manufacturers and lawmakers for not protecting them from their own stupidity when they are injured while using high-speed razor-sharp blades whirring around propelled by a high-torque motor. This is apalling.

It is for this reason that some industries enjoy specific protection from frivolous lawsuits -- firearms manufacturers cannot be blamed for injuries that result from firearms that functioned properly, as designed and as intended; Florida law, for example protects owners of an 'equine activity' (horse stables) from any liability from injuries caused by horses.

Such protection must need extend to all industries, so long as products are safe and function properly. Legal reform is vitally necessary; who pays the millions to this imbecile?

Well, quite frankly, we woodworkers do; Ryobi passes this cost on to it's customers. And, of course, should the SawStop upgrade be required on new saws (as it likely will be unless the legislature intervenes), driving the price of the saws up through the roof; Sawstop's lowest-priced model is something like $599? Compare that to $50-100 for a functional, though bare bones bench or chop saw.

Now I want my car equipped with a flesh sensor, for when I reach under the hood to adjust the timing, and accidentally touch the fan or the drive belts. I want a flesh sensor installed in every steering wheel that reports the driver if they take their hands off the wheel. A flesh sensor in every cell phone that notifies the police if used while in a moving car. And I want Big Brother to police my thoughts.

Sawstop is amazing, but let's please take responsibility for our own fingers and leave 'perfectly safe at any cost' for school and institutional use.

I wonder if this sort of person paid his hospital bill?

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