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Pie Crust tea table for daughters

This is a pie crust tea table I made as a Christmas present for my two daughters. They liked having tea parties so I thought they should have a table for it. It is made from walnut with a shellac...

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Re: I built a lumber rack one morning - Now I have a lumber problem

I knew I had a lumber problem when my dad started running out of room for it in his barn!

Re: Seymour Federal Dressing Chest with Mirror

I would like to see how you attached the mirror uprights. I have the Mussey book, but since the photo is from straight on I haven't quite figured out how to attach the mirror uprights. I have seen similar pieces but haven't been able to pull any drawers out etc. to see how the uprights are attached.

I also have a few other questions if you wouldn't mind emailing me at tjtalma(at)gmail(dot)com. I would appreciate any help.


Re: Seymour Federal Dressing Chest with Mirror

Beautiful work. I am planing to make this same piece soon. My wife loves it, and so do I. I am almost finished with the plans for it. Great job, you should post some more of your work.


Re: Dovetail Joints in SketchUp Made Easy

Thanks for the review. I updated the plugin to use the default units from the model. You can download it from my webpage using the link above that Dave provided.

Re: Book Giveaway: Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons

Hope I win!

Re: Making Molding with a Stanley #55

I also make moldings with a 45 (similar to the 55). But I find it quite simple to use, and leaves a great surface. I find the biggest pproblem with these seems to be the blades. Basically I find them to be junk and lose thier edge almost immediatly.

If you get a sheet of 1/8" A1 tool steel (unharded) it's easy to quickly grind your own blades. I harded them with a propane torch and cooking oil. I heat the blade above the edge and wait until the straw color goes to the end. I find that holds an edge great and can be resharpend.

I usually go straight to finish without neededing any cleanup or sanding.

Re: Creating an Animation in SketchUp

Dave, when I watched the video I couldn't help but notice all the plugins you have for SU. Do you have alist somewhere showing all your plugins? I am looking for a dovetail plugin do you know of any good ones?

Re: Future Period Furniture Articles

Just 3?

My top 3 choices would be:

A wingback chair, with a litle aside about different leg choices.

A federal side board. (I think Steve Latta or Rob Millard would be a great source their work is amazing!)

I also think a federal secretary would be great (one with glass in the doord and dividers).

And a built in shell top corner cupboard.

And a chipendale serpentine pembroke table.

And chipendale side chairs with all the carving.

A Charleston step back cupboard.

A federal work table with a sewing bag underneath.

That the first 3 that pop in my head!

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