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Re: Poll: The Next FWW Tool Test

I agree, these have all been "reviewed" to death. How about something that we don't see every year six times in all the magazines. Maybe bench top router shapers, as one above stated, how about consumables like mortise chisels, are they all interchangeable? Those of us that have been doing this for years have made our choices in small power tools. These die of old age and improved come on the market, but aside from a brake or different motor type, face it, a router is a router and once you have the one you like you know what's comfortable and needed.
I read this and other mags searching for interesting tips and information. I recently did an internet search for info about beeswax, turpentine, and linseed oil finishes, how to formulate pros, cons, and options. most of what I found was written by people that knew less about the subject than I do and they were guiding the truly lost.
ANOTHER review of the same old same old is of little or no value, this is really the one magazine that I expect to be progressive and unique. Maybe that is what the next article should address.

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