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Re: Shop Talk Live 10: Handplanes for a Desert Island

I too, got a little lost on the terminology in this episode. A few pics would be nice, if just for reference.

Re: Peter Shepard Turns the Page

Wow. This guy is really good.

Re: Innovative Way to Carry Lumber in a Car

Inovative, yes. Safe, no. Not only for himself, but for others! If you can't afford a safe way to transport your lumber, then you shouldn't make the purchase. Once while getting ready to leave the parking lot of a local lumber yard, a fellow customer stopped and asked me if it would be worth $20 for me to deliver some plywood he had purchased, to his home in my pickup. I said, "Sure". Not everyone has a need to buy a pickup or van if they rarely transport lumber. Or even to rent a vehicle. But you should be prepared to pay someone who has, or pay a delivery fee, if your going to purchase building materials. When I was a boy, our family passed a station wagon along side a highway that was loaded with long 2X4's through the back with the rear window down. The driver had slammed on his brake for some reason, and of course the 2X4's went sliding through the windshield. The driver was out of his car assessing the damage, and was bleeding from his face and obviously embarressed. I wondered over the years how much he had to spend on a new windshield not to mention possible stitches, etc. I've never forgotten that picture of him holding a white handkerchief to his face and his white shirt, covered with blood, and the predicament he was in.

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