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Re: Book Giveaway: Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects

What the hell, I'll give it a try. Looks like a good book.

Re: Mortises in Round Legs--Trim and Keep

When you say Tiny Faces, don't you really mean "Small Faces"?

Re: Creating the Rule Joint

In response to robbo41.

What an interesting and amazing comment. You do realize that DCB is about using Sketchup and that involves lines on a computer...don't you?

If you take Sketchup out of a blog about Sketchup what do you have...banjo music? If you actually read the magazine you will see many articles on Sketchup in this magazine and many others.
Computers are becoming mainstream these days and squirrel hunting is on the decline.

Have a Fine day!

Re: CutList 4.1.7 Is Now Available

Thanks muchly Dave…updating now.
What's in the works for SU…nday?

You asked for a NagOgram.

Re: Working Efficiently -- Shortcuts

Thanks for the info Dave.

Another great SUnday…but I've finished my coffee already.
Now to print out my list using the Ruby panel.


Re: Working Efficiently in SketchUp

Thanks for the reference, I'm chuffed.
And I appreciate your posts with my coffee on Sunday, because as you know…what is a Sunday with SU?

At my age I try not to make it too perfect, becuase if it is perfect, it must be the end.


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