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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Are you kidding me? How on earth can ANYONE blame a company for a person using their equipment for not using common sense? My grandfather had a table saw that he built his house with in the 50's, passed it to my Dad who passed it to me. No fancy safety technology, just good old common sense. I am now 52 and 3 generations have managed to never sustain any kind of injury using this saw. Do you suppose we were just lucky?

I am not a professional woodworker but gee, as a child I learned the lesson, "always know where your fingers are in realtion to the blade" (I must admit this seemed pretty obvious to me, even as a child).

I do feel sorry for anyone hurt by using any power tool but how can there be "justice" for someone whose skills and/or safety habits were not up to the task at hand.

I was just rearended in my car while stopped at a light by a vehicle much heavier than mine and my car was totalled. Maybe I should sue Toyota for not making my car out of Titanium such that it would have less destructively distributed the force of the impact, thereby not totalling my car.

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