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Re: A nice size shop

And the glass overhead door must be great for light.

Re: A nice size shop

Looks really good. I think my favorite part might be the dog though. Bernese I think? No need to lock the door.

Re: IJS Woodworking Millbrook NY Shop

Thanks for the response. Good luck with your business.

Re: IJS Woodworking Millbrook NY Shop

Sorry in advance for the tool quiz. How do you like what i"m assuming is a powermatic 25,26"dual drum sander? I had a little old ryobi drum sander that didnt have enough power for much. I recently bought a Mirka Ceros sander so my finish sanding is in order. I would love to have a wide belt but that is way out of budget.I guess my real question is what can you use that dual drum for? Do you just use it for glued up panels and long length stock or can you sand assembled doors with it? I ask that because of the cross grain sanding you would have on doors.

Re: IJS Woodworking Millbrook NY Shop

You have a nice looking setup. What sort of work do you do? Thats quite a bandsaw and jointer from what i can make out.

Re: Best find ever!!

Good job. How much did you pay? I bought one off craigslist 4 years ago. No tilt bracket,no handle and it turned out the square shaft that turns to a round in front was broken. I paid $40 for the vise and about $140 to have the cast welded.

Re: Shaker Chimney Cupboard milk painted

That is very nice looking.I wish my pictures turned out like that

Re: Fine Woodworking - Jonathan Cohen Studio

I would love to see more pictures of your machines and I like when people have a realistic view on woodworking to use machines for their production abilities and hand work for fine details.

Re: Hardydeck SRL hardwood shop

Things not to buy.1 Harrydick lumber.

Re: Grenada Woodworking Shop

Hi from ohio.I was wondering if that is a woodmaster sander and what you think of it? What horsepower and what capacity.I am looking to step up from my 1632 Ryobi.Nice looking shop.

Re: Camera

Your product sucks because you are wasting peoples time putting your crap advertising here.

Re: Revolution-Era Joiner's Shop Found in MA

Out of the twelve pictures I found myself looking at the stairs too.

Re: reclaimed cedar trestle table

Hi nice job on the table.I am planning on a similar top out of some wormy chestnut I have.How did you do the breadboard ends?Did you rout a groove in the end board and form the tenon with a router or something different?

Re: Where Can a 11th grader get a grant for my never updated 62 year old high school shop class

You guys are right.You help this kid.I have to go post a plea for someone to give me a free car on Car and Driver now.

Re: Where Can a 11th grader get a grant for my never updated 62 year old high school shop class

I'm sorry if I have struck some nerves out there .You want constructive ideas?Take up a tool drive.Ask for parents to donate stuff they have no use for.Ask the local hardware store or home depot to donate stuff.Maybe you don't need more than what you have.You would be amazed at what you can do with very little.Maybe you could ask fine woodworking magazine for the Tage Frid series as a donation.Much can be learned from this.If you are going to ask for help be very clear as to what you want because if you can't put your thoughts together while asking for help it makes people wonder if you are worth helping.This is from experience on the job.My earlier comment stands because it sounds like it was written after a fall down a staircase.Bt the way.This is intended to be where you show your shop.So show it.

Re: Where Can a 11th grader get a grant for my never updated 62 year old high school shop class

There is still hope for you.You still have time to pick up an english class so that you can learn how to write a paragraph and spell.Texting causes people to forget how to write and spell.Good luck!

Re: UPDATE: Making a Welsh Stick Chair with Hugh Roberts

give it to me now!it's mine.did i mention please?

Re: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live!

i think i would like to go.yes i would like to go.

Re: UPDATE: Windsor Chairmaking by James Mursell

another book i can pick something up from

Re: Workbench

Looks great Todd.It should last longer than you.What is your goal when you are finished with Phil?

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

me win

Re: David Charlesworth needs our help

partner?pat.whats that?

Re: Your safety first

Great picture. One like it should come on every jointer.Glad to have your fingers i bet.Long sleeves up or short sleeves only.

Re: Shaker chimney cupboard

nice work charles

Re: Tall Cabinet

Nice work . Simple style which I think always looks the best.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

my second comment for the night. in response to bayreau's thoughts on my first comment.i dont believe you will see anywhere advertised that ryobi has electronic finger saving technology on their saws.the award was given because they did not have this technology on their saws.tools are dangerous.if my saw has a blade guard and i stick my hand under it something bad will happen.if it is true that every company that makes tools has to make them accident proof we wont have any tools manufactured to use.1.was the sawblade on the ryobi new or even sharp?most flooring guys i know instal laminate floors which dull an ordinary sawblade instantly.2.was anyone under the impression that table saws are all safe?I'm not and never will be.If i buy a sawstop saw should i check to see if it works with my hand?had this guy ever used a table saw prior to this. my last thought is what if the saw had kicked back instead?if the peice caused damage to his stomach chest face or neck and caused injury who is to blame then.is ryobi at fault for not recomending you where a suit of armor to run their saw?

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Sorry to be cold hearted towards this guy for his injury but I dont care what happened to him. This is just another example of no one being responsible for their actions. i believe this is an ongoing problem in this world.When i cut my forehead open and got a few stitches when i was twenty framing a house i didn t sue estwing for having hard heads made of dangerous steel on their hammers.maybe this is the same guy who sued mcdonalds years ago for having dangerous hot coffee in their cups.looks like he wont have to work hard and earn any money for the rest of his life.maybe he never did.

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