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Re: Video Tour: Garage Shop Makeover

Nice shop. Wow! Lots of drawers. Maybe your memory is better than mine, but how do you remember what's in each drawer? It doesn't look "pretty" but I built something on the front of my drawers (like a picture frame without the top) and I can put paper cards in them. On these cards I can write with pencil and show what's in the drawer. If I remove something from the drawer I can erase the name. I can also add names when new things go in the drawer or I can adjust the list if necessary.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

The next thing will be a person climbing a mountain, falling, and getting injured or killed and the state (where the mountain happens to be located in) getting sued because the state didn't make the mountain "safe" so people couldn't get hurt/killed when they fall. The best way to not cut your hand on a table saw is to not use a table saw. After the lawyers are done with the table saw companies--to make sure the saws are "safe"--each saw will be so expensive no one will be able to buy one (scientific and technology advances cost money).
Steven W. Lindeman, M.D.

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