Stephen Taylor, Mobile, AL, US

Gender: Male

Birthday: 09/30/1949

Recent comments

Re: Zig Zag rocker

I also built this rocker, thought it looked great and wanted to try bending the rockers. But I've noticed the "action" in the rocking is short, doesn't go back very far.. Also the seat seems kind of far forward which puts you very far infront of the rock. Any similar experience.

Re: The Editors Mailbox Has a New Home

a dovetails videos is errantly connected. The link for Rogowski's dovetail layout subtilted ruler and a little math, runs his "practice dovetails" video.

Re: Eye Candy

Absolutely wonderful. A great expression of skill and artistry. Such a inspiring blend of creativity in the materials and tools - the surface treatment of the box is beautiful. somebody really enjoyed themselves

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