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Re: Digital Angle Gauge: What do you use yours for?

I use mine to set the table saw blade for 45 degree cuts and then reset the blade to 90. Between eye sight and not being able to easily get down to blade level to check blade position with the a square or triangle being able to read the display is much easier. When I get to the 45 or 90 point I'm looking for I always go over and under a couple of times to zero in on the point I'm looking for and also account for any back lash. If the display is light (weak) then the battery is low and it may not be that accurate and I learned not to use it then.

Re: Plane Irons and Chisels Need a Flat, Polished Back

Go to Kingsport Woodworking. You can get rolls of wet/dry silicon carbide PSA from coarse up to 2000 grit.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Great post Matt. A jig is a tool. Maybe the guy that called it cheating doesn't believe in using tools or maybe he was just jealous that he hadn't thought of using a jig like that. I just tried my first thru mortises when making the shaker step stool from a previous FWW and wished I had used that type of jig. I always seem to learn something new from each project I do, which is a good thing and I am having fun!!

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